Campaign Support

We are fortunate to have the support of many great individuals!  Thank you to Jason Christine, a Newberry Township Resident, for your kind words:

“It has been a busy week but I wanted to reflect on one event I was fortunate to attend this week. I was honored to be asked by Candidate Kraig Bruder to attend the Northern York County Republican Club Lincoln Day Dinner to represent him along with his wife and mother and father-in-law since he was out of town for work. It was great to meet and see many of the hard working candidates running for office and delegate positions. Even though they may not all agree 100% on the issues, they all shared conservative values and want to make this area, state and country a better place. Although it was not the first time I have met Representative Mike Regan, I got to sit next him, his wife Fran and campaign manager Adam Breneman and talk about their campaign and how things were going. After talking with them I realized how much I am backing the right guy in Kraig Bruder because he is running a hard working, honest campaign that wants to change how things are done in Harrisburg much like Representative Regan. I feel these are the type of people we need representing us as Senator and Representative so please consider voting for these two fine people on April 26th.” – Jason Christine

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