As the son of a small business owner and blue collar worker, Kraig Bruder has grown up knowing the importance of what it means to work hard. He saw first-hand how the decisions made by our local government impact our local families and community.

Kraig Bruder is a Newberry Township resident and businessman. He is seeking the Republican nomination for the 92nd district. Kraig currently lives in York County with his wife and dog. He is a graduate of Slippery Rock University and has worked as a business professional for the past 8 years within the local community. He has worked on numerous projects in the industrial and commercial industries. Most recently, Kraig facilitated all construction materials and submittals for the 54 million dollar Penn State Hershey Medical data center project. Pulling from his experiences, he plans to direct this same focus on continuing to better the 92nd district.

He will bring that business like focus to the capitol as he knows how to produce results. He understands the needs of the taxpayers because he has sat across from the business owners and hardworking professionals and has listened to what matters to them most.

If elected, Kraig will push for pension reform and improving our education system. He will fight against tax increases and wasteful spending. Kraig plans to stay personally involved and connected with the leaders, business owners, and residents of the 92nd district. He will be a representative that truly listens through applying the same commitment to customer service that has propelled his professional career. Kraig Bruder will be the leader and the listener that the district deserves.

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