Door knocking and petitions

Another great article from Greg Gross of the York Dispatch. As he mentions, I am a firm believer in the importance of personally meeting as many people as I can. Call me old-fashioned but I have had the opportunity to speak one-on-one with many constituents about some of their concerns such as education, second amendment rights, and tax increases. It has been really motivating to meet the great people of this community!

door knocking

Weekend Door Knocking

I enjoy the opportunity every day to knock on the doors and personally meet the people of the 92nd District.  This weekend has been no exception, knocking on many doors in the district and getting to speak with and listen to the concerns of my fellow Republicans.  Door knocking comes with a lot of dog barking and I love the chance to meet all of your four legged friends.  My dog, Heinz, and I want to thank you for your support!Campaign Heinz

On the campaign trail

It has been a very busy week meeting with many of the voters of the 92nd District! I enjoyed the opportunity to speak with the hard workers of Fairview Township Fire Station 1 earlier today. Thank you for all that you do in keeping our community safe!

I also want to thank Tony Miller, Newberry Township Supervisor, for your endorsement. I am honored to have someone of your character and integrity in my corner.

I will be back out tomorrow morning personally knocking on doors. It is so important to me to meet as many voters in person as possible! If I don’t make it to your neighborhood, please stop by the Meet & Greet Feb 11th at Grain+Verse for some free pizza, music, and the chance to learn how I plan to work for this district.

Political Final

The Issues

Pension Reform

The Pennsylvania Pension will cost PA taxpayers over $5 billion dollars this year alone.  We have to make an adjustment immediately.  I believe we need to move towards a 401K Hybrid option that models much of the private industry.  However, current state employees with tenure deserve what they have been promised.  We can not continue to put taxpayer’s dollars towards a bottomless pension deficit.


We need to take a step back from the standardized testing.  We are limiting our teacher’s ability to teach our youth.  Rather than focusing on test scores, we need to put the focus back on what really matters and ensure that students are understanding the material and applying what they have learned.  In addition, we need to take an in depth look at cyber schools as presently they impact our district’s budgets without providing the same consistent instruction.

2nd Amendment 

I own a gun, I have a permit to carry, and I do so responsibly.  I stand against anyone that wants to take away our 2nd Amendment rights.  Our Constitution has made this country great and is the reason we are the great nation that we are today.  The right to bear arms is an inalienable right and I will fight anyone that tries to take it away from our citizens.


I will fight for our district to make sure Governor Wolf does not raise our taxes as he has proposed.  We can not continue to look to taxpayers to fund our government’s inability to cut spending and generate revenue. The answer is not to start with the taxpayers but rather we need to look at other avenues and alternatives first.

Questions?  I want to hear from you! It is important to me to listen to the people of my district.  Email me at


Meet & Greet

Join us for an informal Meet & Greet on February 11th! This is a great opportunity to meet Kraig and learn how he plans to Lead and Listen to the people of the 92nd District. Invite your friends and family for a night of pizza and music! Questions? Email Kraig at and Greet